TA2J6500, Lug for JD-Frame and LD-Frame breakers, Line and Load side.  (1 or 2) 3/0-500 kcmil CU or (2) 4/0-500 kcmil Al, Siemens.  Factory new.

Breaker frames: JD63F400, HJD63F400, HHJD63F400, JD62F400, HJD62F400, HHJD62F400, LD63F600, HLD63F600, HHLD63F600

Trip units: JD63T200, JD63T225, JD63T250, JD63T300, JD63T350, JD63T400, LD63T450, LD63T500, LD63T600, JD62T400, LD62T600

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