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H2006B-3, Heater pack, for Freedom series Nema Contactors and Starters.  Class 20 heater. 3-Pack.

Full load amp rating (Dial position):

A: 1.79, B: 2.16, C: 2.53, D: 2.90

For use with NEMA Size 00-0 (Series C), NEMA Size 1-2 (Series B), IEC Size A-F (Series C), IEC Size G-K (Series B).

Other amp ratings available for Size 5 Starters (Series B), IEC P, R and S with 300/5 CT, Size 6 Starters (Series B), IEC T-V with 600/5 CT, Size 7 Starters (Series B), IEC W-X with 1000/5 CT, Size 8 Starters (Series B), IEC Z with 1500/5 CT.

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