BQL breaker - Cutler Hammer - Commander


Sold Out

Unfortunately we do not carry BQL type circuit breakers.  These were sold under the Cutler Hammer and Commander names.

Includes the following part numbers:

1-Pole: BQL15, BQL20, BQL25, BQL30, BQL40, BQL50, BQL60

2-Pole: BQL215, BQL220, BQL225, BQL230, BQL240, BQL250, BQL260, BQL270, BQL290, BQL2100, BQL2125

3-Pole: BQL315, BQL320, BQL330, BQL340, BQL350, BQL360, BQL370, BQL390, BQL3100

Tandem and quads: BQLT-15, BQLT-20, BQLT-30, BQLT-15-215, BQLT-15-220, BQLT-15-225, BQLT-15-230, BQLT-15-240, BQLT-215-215, BQLT-220-220, BQLT-215-230, BQLT-215-240

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